Western Media and Word Play

It’s been a while right? Well now I know what writer’s block is first hand.


But once again, in light of recent events I’m starring straight at life’s mysteries. Hold on, a step back. Have you ever felt incompetent? Somehow you don’t know what your purpose in life is, hmmm? Unlike the many heartfelt courageous stories of young people like Salma Kakar a cyclist from Afghanistan hoping to shed a light on women empowerment; Joshua Wong the face of Hong Kong’s protests who demands that China stages unfettered elections for Hong Kong’s top political positions; and we have Abraham Keita, the Liberian boy who has become the year 2015 successor of the International Children’s Peace Prize. Then, what of you and me? Like them, I too dream of making a significant contribution.


However, at the rate the world is going, I’m not sure there will be much saving needed left. I’m sure we are all aware of the recent under takings in the international arena. For one, within the two days of November 12th and 13th there have been, terrorist attacks in Paris, earthquakes in Japan and Mexico, suicide bombings in Beirut and funeral bombing in Baghdad. The world has become chaotic. The tragic incidents are responsible for the loss of 115,200 people within 48 hours. Is this a sign from the book of Revelations? A mere coincidence? With the legality and global awareness of LGBT movements, it becomes just a conspiracy theory. Food for thought?

But of course, the emphasis was solely on the Paris attack. Facebook, the social site that pioneered the flag filter in support of Paris to show solidarity, however was bombard by mass criticism. The feel of discrimination was evident. Where is facebook in Syria? Kenya? Somalia? Non-existent apparently. worldWhen the North is targeted, all eyes on them. But in the South, ignorance is bliss. The global scrutiny did nonetheless manage to break through the some Northern states. The people of France for instance, showed their gratitude by acknowledging the terrorist attack on Kenya’s Garissa University. Which was a start.

Over the years, western dominance in media houses has always portrayed either half-truths or a biased representation of a story. While on the one hand, it is the western powers that congratulate and award courage, bravery and acts of humanity – such as Malala Yousafzai’s fight for children’s right to education in one of the most war stricken countries, Pakistan. On the other hand, it’s the same western powers that put on masks in support of terrorist regimes to satisfy their national interests. Even Bob Marley said it, your worst enemy could be your best friend, and your best friend could be your worst enemy.


Now, let’s ponder why the European Union (EU) is struggling with the influx of ‘immigrants’. Note, I use the term immigrant loosely. How come? The ongoing European Migrant Crisis (EMC) has drawn attention to all corners of the world, a picture of a dead Syrian child going viral across the internet as a casing point.syrian-child-l In the news, the language and tone dictate the perception. For instance, headlines read ‘Influx of Illegal Immigrants to Europe to lead to Financial Crisis.’ Are they immigrants? By definition, an immigrant is a person who goes to live permanently in a foreign country. It is then a voluntary act. By definition, a refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution or national disaster. Hence, an involuntary act. Shouldn’t the situation then be classified as asylum seeking?

Furthermore, note that once a person is categorized as a refugee, they are legally entitled to asylum in any country in the world. The European states are not willing to accept these people and thus have tagged them as ‘illegal immigrant’ to which the EU is justified in withholding their entry into Europe. The word play is phenomenal. In other words, shouldn’t it read as ‘Syrian Refugees Seek Asylum in Europe.’

Need I say more?

Conversely, I am not to be misunderstood. The EMC is real and the EU states are doing their fair share to combat it. But, for illustration purposes, we do now grasp the influence of western media on information manipulation. As a result, majority have succumbed to being shallow minded puppets (not saying I’m not one of them). In a society where information most valuable and as precious as water is in the desert, with power, one can make or break a society; and that, that is the dominance of which western media seeks to uphold. Therefore, one must be cautious.



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