I Decided – The Power of the Mind

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I think this question should be abolished by law. Yes, I still cannot answer this question.


Whereas I can sympathize with the notion that the sooner one discovers their passion, the sooner they can strive towards it, in cases like mine, it is a societal burden instilled at a tender age.  So to commemorate my birthday and answer the burning questions in my mind, I decided to pick up my pen and start writing again.

As I continue in the path of self-discovery, I find myself at a crossroad yet again. Whilst in the past this would have been my breaking point, today, I consider such a crossroad as my breakthrough. Fascinating isn’t it? What gives? I’ve discovered that the human mind has an exponential capacity for growth, but what d we do with it? We limit ourselves within the confines of one box, one way of thinking and way one way of life. It is here that someone will then ask, ‘what do you propose can be done?’ The answer is simple. Each and every single person must DECIDE. A conscious decision is the answer.


This epiphany has nothing to do with a life altering moment. As an individual I continue to struggle with my daily battles and demons, while every day I move closer to unlocking my purpose by challenging my values and beliefs. So I ask again, what gives? My attitude is the answer. I decided to develop my thought process. As opposed to heeding to my primal instincts, I have chosen to consciously experience each and every decision that I make. But what does this have to do with anything? As a result, I am no longer confined within the walls that make up my world, but rather I can sink into the sea of infinite possibilities and call forth my reality. This phenomenon is otherwise popularly known as the law of attraction.

Here’s an illustration:

Two people of the same age, gender, sex, race, religion and similar status quo apply for the same job. Fortunately, they both receive positive feedback and are called back for the interview. Going seemly well they are now awaiting the final verdict and ultimately each person draws a conclusion.

 Person One says: I gave it my all therefore I am reassured of the outcome.

 Person Two says: I gave it my all but in such situations there are many variables that can determine the final outcome.

Who do you think got the job?


The law of attraction dictates that we attract whatever we focus on. It is believed that regardless of age, nationality or religious beliefs, we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the universe. In that sense, what we think, say or do inherently reflects the reality we experience. However, a common misconception with many is that Person One and Person Two, alternatively the optimist and the pessimist are two separate individuals. They are, in fact, one and the same person. The only difference is the conscious decision of which attitude one wants to adapt; a task that many people fail. We often witness that it is easier to feed one’s ego and desires as opposed to training the mind to think positively.


I do not write and share my experience believing that I have mastered this philosophy but rather I want to show everyone that IMPOSSIBLE is a relative work. Personally, I’ve decided to see the words ‘I’M POSSIBLE’. If I believe it, visualize it, focus and persist, I will inherently attract my envisioned reality. Most importantly, I believe that you too are capable of the same.


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