At night I can’t sleep. In the morning, I can’t wake up. 

This is the initial concept. I began a meditative process where I just let my mind wander. Like the internet, everything in the world is interconnected. This is my biggest fascination. How can one event in life, have a tripling effect onto others; the mystery intrigues. Hence, I struggled with questions without answers.

On the other hand, I seek knowledge and I’m curious, so I read. Only then, can I question. This blog is about the spirit of free-thinking. It offers a diverse, inclusive, accepting and welcoming safe space for everyone. The ultimate goal is to touch just one person and inspire them in their life’s journey.


I am a wondering soul. On the outside, I am care-free but behind closed doors my mind runs on overdrive. If I am not cracking a joke, then I am probably bursting out loud because someone else did. I observe and quickly pick up on things. I write to share my observation and use writing as an outlet for all the inspiration that the world has to offer. I deal with social issues that surround us and topics that are widely known but often ignored. Bottom line is, if I can help I will.

I believe small personalized gestures are greater than grand impersonal gestures.


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